For Love & Lemons

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For Love & Lemons

For Love & Lemons 01

For Love & Lemons 02

For Love & Lemons 03

For Love & Lemons 04

For Love & Lemons 05

For Love & Lemons 06

For Love & Lemons 07

For Love & Lemons 08

For Love & Lemons 09

DYLANLEX…Two Sisters Addicted to Piling on The Good Stuff

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The Clothes Encounter - DylanLex 2The Clothes Encounter - DylanLex 3

My latest jewelry obsession is DYLANLEX whom I originally came across last year on instagram – I have been an avid follower (and liker) ever since! From what originally started as a experiment by founding sister Drew Ginsberg, the art of layering jewelry has since transcended into a worldwide trend and is mastered by the sisters behind DYLANLEX. Seriously, no-one layers necklaces quite like these two do!

With the launch of their online store today, you can now get your hands on 6 amazing statement neck-pieces. According to their website, ‘each DYLANLEX piece is hand crafted in New York city, using the expertise and craftsmanship of artisans gathered from across the globe, to create pieces that blend modern edge with the elegance of traditional techniques. Swarovski Crystal, antiqued metals, and internationally curated elements combine to create statement jewelry that would normally only be possible by combining several distinct pieces’.

So far there have been some mixed reviews on the price point which some instagrammers believe is too high. Considering the timelessness of each piece, the intricate detail, quality and use of semi-precious stones and mixed metals, I think the price point is somewhat generous.

While I love all six pieces from the collection, my favourite is definitely Ryker. Fingers crossed I find this baby under my christmas tree this year!

Don’t forget to follow DYLANLEX on instagram for inspiration on how to layer jewelry the DYLANLEX way!

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Jonathan Saunders – Holographic Stripes

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Stripes are probably my favourite print, mainly because they are versatile and can be worn in so many ways. They can be worn with contrasting stripes, floral and abstract prints and of course plain colours. Stripes also have the ability to accentuate your best features; vertical stripes can make your features look longer and slimmer, horizontal stripes can create the illusion of fullness  (think bust or derriere).

Each season I like to add a few new striped basics to my wardrobe that can easily update my look and this season I am obsessed with Jonathan Saunders’ take on the simple stripe using a holographic print.

Jonathan Saunders - Metallic Stripe Top Skirt 3

Jonathan Saunders - Metallic Stripe Top Skirt 2

Jonathan Saunders - Metallic Stripe Top Skirt 6

Jonathan Saunders - Metallic Stripe Top Skirt 5

Jonathan Saunders Holographic Striped Crepe Pencil Skirt – $637.50 - Available here from Net-a-porter
Jonathan Saunders Holographic Striped Crepe Top – $562 -Available from Net-a-porter

IT Bag Moment – 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli

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Philip Lim Pashli Bag
Get your hands on the IT bag of the moment, Pashli by 3.1 Philip Lim here.


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I am a fiend for fashion. Always have and always will be.

Growing up, I would save my pocket money and after school head to the local newsagency where I would flick through the latest issue of Vogue, Cosmo and CLEO, even though at the time I couldn’t afford a single item advertised in any of them. As I turned the pages I would “oooh” and “ahhh” in admiration at the glamorous designer clothing, stiletto heels and shiny accessories, not to mention devour the scent of the complimentary perfume samples for days and weeks to follow. Afternoons at the newsagency are now replaced with countless hours surfing the internet, monthly subscriptions to Vogue, STYD and Jelly Magazine, and streaming the latest fashion shows taking place on the other side of the world.